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In Win 305 Case Review

Last year we took a look at In Win’s 301 chassis, which was one of the most elegant micro ATX / mini-ITX chassis we’ve ever seen. In Win had the 303 for a while, which was the ATX version of the chassis, but they new have a newer 305, which is still an ATX chassis, which a few changes from the previous 303. This case is a combination of tempered glass and SECC steel with a splash of brushed aluminum on the front panel. In Win puts together these elements in such an elegant way that this case really has that modern look. You can pack some pretty beefy hardware inside this case with graphics card support up to 350 mm and 360 mm radiator support. Let’s jump in and see if this case can wow us like the 301 did.

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Lian Li Announces Alpha Series Tempered Glass Chassis

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd., world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum chassis for enthusiasts and custom OEM/ODM case solutions is thrilled to announce its latest chassis for gamers and enthusiasts with the Alpha Series chassis.

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Cougar Launches the PANZER-G Tempered Glass Case

Cougar has just launched another case, the time it is the tempered glass PANZER-G. While the case is elegant, it has an aggressive look to it as well. Like other cases that have the Panzer name the PANZER-G has a frame that resembles metal crossbars and there are exposed hex screws that give it that industrial look.

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Cooler Master Announces MasterCase H500P Mesh White Chassis

Cooler Master, an award-winning computer hardware manufacturer, today announces the launch of the MasterCase H500P Mesh White. For a system being pushed to its limits, the Mesh White offers unrestricted airflow.

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Corsair Announces Obsidian Series 500D Chassis

CORSAIR, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today unveiled a stunning new identity for its iconic Obsidian Series of enthusiast PC cases with the launch of the CORSAIR Obsidian Series 500D. Continuing the Obsidian Series’ signature elegant and minimalist design, the 500D adds premium smoked glass tempered side panels and curved aluminium construction to create an enthusiast PC case that’s thoroughly modern, inside and out. This is the new Obsidian.

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In Win’s D-Frame Mini Is Back!

In Win originally released their D-Frame Mini open-air chassis back in 2014. This was a smaller version of the original D-Frame and supported mini-ITX builds. Even though this case became one of In Win’s most popular cases they only produced a limited number of units at the time. If you missed your chance at getting your hands on a D-Frame Mini now is the time to get one as In Win is re-releasing it!

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Gigabyte Introduces Aorus AC300W Lite Case

Gigabyte has just released their latest case, the AorusAC300W Lite. This is a slightly scaled down version of their AC300W case that has VR-Link. This version comes without the VR-Link connection. VR-Link is a front panel HDMI port that plugs into the VR-Link internal HDMI ports you find on many Aorus graphics cards.

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Antec Intros DF500 and DF500 RGB Cases

Antec is introducing a new chassis in two different variants. Looking at the design you can tell it is aimed to compete with CoolerMaster’s MasterBox Lite 5 RGB. The new case is the DF500 and will come in a regular version as well as an RGB version.

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Thermaltake Introduces The Core P1 Chassis

Thermaltake has officially introduced their small Core P1 wall-mountable chassis. We got a first look at this chassis back in January at CES 2017. Thermaltake’s Core P5 and Core P3 have been a big hit and now we have the Core P1, which is made for mini-ITX builds.

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BitFenix Announces the Portal Chassis

As a brand always striving to create unique products, BitFenix has provided some of the most eye catching chassis over time. Today, BitFenix is proud to announce the latest addition to its line-up, the BitFenix Portal. Transcending from traditional boxy cases, the Portal was designed to balance the aesthetics of the outside shape with the functionality of the unique interior structure.

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