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Intel Core i9-7900X 10-Core Processor Review

2017 will go down as one of the more interesting years in the CPU market. AMD released their Ryzen CPUs earlier this year and now Intel has the brand new Core X Series, which is solely aimed towards gamers and enthusiast. This high-end desktop (HEDT) series is quite interesting as when completely released there will be a total of nine processors, stating with a quad-core Core i5 ($242) and going all the way up to a 18-core Core i9 ($1999). Another new thing we are seeing here is the Core i9 Series, which is reserved for the highest-end Intel processors. Intel will release five out of the nine Core X Series processors on June 26th, and today we have the Core i9-7900X up for review. This processor right now is the current flagship until the other processors come out, and it is quite a beast! Rocking 10-cores, 20-threads, a 3.3 GHz base clock, max Turbo Boost 3.0 of 4.5 GHz, 13.75 MB of cache, 44 PCI-Express lanes, and a TDP of 140 watts. You get all of this for $999. Let’s jump in and see what the i9-7900X is all about!

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Alienware Has Exclusive Deal With AMD on 16-Core Ryzen ThreadRipper

It looks like Alienware has inked an exclusivity deal with AMD, which will make them the only pre-built gaming PC vendor able to sell desktops with 16-core Ryzen Threadripper processors till the end of 2017.

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AMD’s 16-Core, 32-Thread ThreadRipper CPU To Cost $849

Last week at Computex AMD announced nine ThreadRipper CPU models for their HEDT lineup. These CPUs will start at 10-core, 20-thread, and go all the way up to 16-core, 32-thread. The entry-level 16-core, 32-thread chip, the ThreadRipper 1998 has been reported to have a MSRP of $849.

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Intel To Release A Six-Core Mainstream Desktop Part By September

AMD has their Ryzen 5 six-core and Ryzen 7 eight-core chips that have a slight edge over Intel’s $329 Core i7-7700K, which currently sits at the upper end of their mainstream desktop processor line-up. To compete it looks like Intel is preparing a new mainstream desktop platform, which by our guess will have a new socket and be the Z370 Express chipset.

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Intel Core i9-7980XE 18-Core CPU Scheduled For Later This Year

When Intel announced their Core-X Series parts they really surprised us by announcing an 18-core, 38-thread monster in the Core i9-7980XE. Well it seems that consumers will not be able to get their hands on this $1999 processor till at least 2017, if not early 2018.

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For The First Time In 10 Years AMD Takes CPU Market Share From Intel

Now this is some good press for AMD! For the first time in over 10 years AMD is starting to take back some of the CPU market share from Intel. This is of course thanks to the release of their new Ryzen processors.

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AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X Gets A Price Cut

AMD has given its flagship Ryzen 7 1800X a slight price cut. Now the chip will be selling for $469 at leading online retailers in the US. This is down $30 from its launch price of $499. While the Ryzen 7 1800X receives this $30 price cut the rest of the Ryzen series stays the same.

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Intel 6-Core Coffee Lake CPUs Surface In Sisoftware

Intel’s upcoming Coffee Lake architecture has been all but confirmed. A 6-core Coffee Lake CPU has showed up in SiSoftware’s online database. The chip is identified as a 6-core, 6-thread CPU from Intel with a clock speed of 3.5 GHz 1.5 MB of L2 cache (256 Kb per core), and 9MB of L3 cache.

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AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Specifications Surface Online

After the Ryzen 5 launch, which will happen later this month, AMD is expected to launch their entry-level quad-core Ryzen 3 series processors. These chips will occupy several sub-$140 price points. The Ryzen 3 series will compete directly against Intel’s Core i3 dual-core “Kaby Lake” processors. The details of one of these chips, the Ryzen 3 1200 have been leaked online.

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First AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Review Leaks Out

The first AMD Ryzen 5 review has leaked out! It comes from Elchapuzasinformatico and they go into pretty good detail in their review. The review is of the Ryzen 5 1600, which is a six-core, twelve-thread processor which runs at 3.2 GHz and boosts up to 3.6 GHz.

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