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ASUS Intros H370 Mining Master Motherboard

ASUS has just introduced one of its first crypto-currency mining motherboards based on Intel’s 300-series chipset platform. This is great news for miners as cheaper Pentium Gold and Celeron processors for this platform are now available. The board is the H370 Mining Master and will put out 20 PCI-Express gen 3.0 lanes as x1 slots.

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ThinkComputers Podcast #132

In this episode of our weekly tech podcast we talk about our four reviews this week, NVIDIA’s GeForce Partner Program being anti-competitive, the Ryzen refresh, Google banning all cryptocurrency ads and more!

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Google To Ban All Cryptocurrency Advertisements

With an update to its financial services-related ad policies Google has announced that Cryptocurrency related ads on its services will be banned. It seems as if the company is taking a stand against the deeply unregulated cryptocurrency field.

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The NVIDIA P102-100 Cryptocurrency Mining Card Surfaces

Well it looks like the first NVIDIA cryptocurrency mining card has surfaced. While NVIDIA has taken steps to ensure their graphics cards get in the hands of gamers at the same time they are keen to provide cryptominers with the necessary hardware. The GP102-100 will make use of the same GP102 chip that is used in the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and GTX Titan Xp graphics cards.

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NVIDIA Bracing For A Cryptocurrency Demand Drop

The manufacturing division of NVIDIA, which sub-contracts silicon fabrication to TSMC is now calculating the impact a cryptocurrency slump could have on its supply-chain, and are being very conservative with the amount of orders to the foundry.

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ARCHOS Announces the Safe-T mini Hardware Wallet for Storing Cryptocurrencies

ARCHOS is providing cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the perfect hardware wallet to secure their bitcoins and other currencies, to ensure cold storage of private keys and to prevent hacking attempts. Unveiled at the MWC 2018 (Hall 6 – Stand B60), the ARCHOS Safe-T mini will be available starting June 2018, at 49.99 €.

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NVIDIA’s Turing Card Is Actually Made Specifically for Crypto-Mining

Well it turns out that “Turing” is named after British scientist Alan Turing, who is credited with leading a team of mathematicians that broke the Nazi “Enigma” cryptography. In any case NVIDIA’s “Turing” is a crypto-mining and blockchain compute accelerator. It is designed to be compact, efficient, and ready to be deployed in large scale.

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US and UK Government Website Infected With Crypto-Mining Malware

It seems that potentially thousands of websites run by U.S. and UK government agencies were infected Sunday with malware that caused visitors to secretly mine cryptocurrency. Government websites are already known for being slow and having horrible out-dated web design standards, and now they are embedded with crypto-mining malware that slows things down even more.

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GIGABYTE Unleashes the B250-FinTech Motherboard with 12 PCIe Slots

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, presents the new B250-FinTech motherboard based on the Intel B250 Chipset. Featuring GIGABYTE Ultra Durable components and a native 12 PCIe slot configuration, this new crypto mining focused motherboard maximizes efficiency and yield potential for miners.

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