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I’m Feeling Earthy: Earth Day trends and more

I’m Feeling Earthy: Earth Day trends and more

It’s Earth Day—take a walk with us.

First, let’s dig into issues taking root in Search. Ahead of Earth Day, “solar energy,” “drought” and “endangered species” climbed in popularity this week. Meanwhile, people are looking for ways their own actions can make a positive impact. The top “how to recycle” searches were for plastic, paper, batteries, plastic bags, and styrofoam. And around the world, trending queries about Earth Day were “how many trees will be saved by recycling?” and “which type of plastic is more friendly to the environment?”  

To explore some of the other searches that are blooming for Earth Day, take a look at our trends page.


In our corner of the world, Earth Day celebrations started on Google Earth’s first birthday (tweet at @googleearth with #ImFeelingEarthy and see where it takes you!). The party continues today with a special tribute to Jane Goodall in today’s Doodle, and kids inspired by the Doodle can create their own Google logo, thanks to our partnership with World Wildlife Fund. And while we’re feeling extra Earthy this week, the environment is important to our work all year long—here’s what we’re doing for our operations, our surroundings, our customers, and our community.

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Her voice helped others find theirs: a Doodle to honor Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou used her voice to touch the lives of millions around the globe. As an author, poet, memoirist and activist, her teachings, writings and actions encouraged others to discover their own voices and inspire change.

Today’s Doodle celebrates Dr. Angelou on what would have been her 90th birthday, and commemorates one of her most influential tools—her words. Set to her poem “Still I Rise,” the Doodle includes archived audio from Maya Angelou herself, and narration from other individuals she’s inspired—Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, America Ferrera, Laverne Cox, Martina McBride, as well as her only son, Guy Johnson.

Dr. Angelou’s incredible personal journey started with tragedy in her early life: a sexual assault at age seven that rendered her mute for five years. During those years, books and poetry became her solace and constant companions, eventually helping her find her voice and embark upon an intellectual and creative journey.

In 1969, the success of her first book, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” brought her mainstream attention as an author. Six other autobiographical works followed, in addition to poetry, children’s literature, and non-fiction. Through her works, Dr. Angelou gave a voice to millions. She championed women’s rights and gender equality. She redefined black beauty and celebrated African-American oral traditions. She advocated against war and campaigned for universal peace.

Though we honor Dr. Maya Angelou’s courage and compassion today, her words will continue to awaken hope around the world for years to come.

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Celebrating women’s voices around the world on International Women’s Day

Celebrating women’s voices around the world on International Women’s Day

As a woman, a mother to an amazing daughter, a sister, a wife, a leader and a passionate women’s rights advocate, it’s been incredible to bear witness to the groundswell of support for gender equality this past year. We’ve watched women find their voices, and seen the world begin to listen more actively.

In fact, over the last year, the world has searched for “gender equality” more than ever before. People are not just asking questions; they are looking for ways to understand inequality, seek inspiration, speak out, and take action. This International Women’s Day, we’re recognizing what the world is searching for, and celebrating the strong, courageous women who are pushing us toward a more equal future.

On our homepage today, we’re commemorating women whose stories are not often heard. Through an interactive Doodle, we’re highlighting the voices of 12 artists from all around the world, each sharing a personal story of a moment or event that impacted her life. Each artist featured in the Doodle tells a unique story, yet the themes are universal, reminding us how much we have in common.

High Res CTA GIF.gif

To make it easier to find women-led businesses on Google Maps and Search, we launched a new attribute that highlights local businesses that are owned, led, or founded by women. Now you can find more businesses like Reaching Out Teahouse in communities across the world.


Here are more ways you can get involved and celebrate International Women’s Day:

  • Tune in on YouTube at 11:45 a.m. ET tomorrow, March 8 to hear from Oprah Winfrey, Storm Reid, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and director Ava DuVernay of Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” for a special International Women’s Day Talks at Google event. The cast will be joined by 40 teen girls from Girls Inc as a part of a Made with Code event. 
  • Explore top-searched trends around women at
  • Celebrate with your Google Assistant by asking, “Hey Google, tell me quotes from inspiring women.” 
  • Support the women behind great apps and games as well as strong female protagonists in games, movies, TV and books on theGoogle Play store
  • Follow the conversation at @WomenTechmakers as over 20,000 women in tech connect and inspire one another during our annual Women Techmakers International Women’s Day events in 52 countries. 
  • Watch the Merrell Twins’ new YouTube series “Project Upgrade,” premiering Saturday, March 10. Follow two YouTubers as they build and code their own product, all the while showing girls the unlimited possibilities of CS and STEM.

Here’s to supporting women everywhere in the search for a more equal future.

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Happy Lunar New Year! Wag hello to the Year of the Dog

Today marks Lunar New Year. Across the world, people are celebrating the end of the year of the Rooster and the start of the Year of the Dog.

Whether you’re enjoying tteokguk with family or handing out red envelopes for good luck, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday. According to Google Trends, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are among the countries searching the most for “red envelopes.” Meanwhile, top searched foods are nian gao, dumplings, pineapple tart, rice cake and peanut cookies.

Since we’re dog people here at Google, we sniffed out a few non-traditional ways to celebrate. Howl you be spending the Lunar New Year?

Try your paw at drawing

In the last year, people have drawn more than 3 million doodles of dogs in Quick, Draw!—a fun game that uses neural networks to try to recognize your drawings. In honor of Lunar New Year, our team snuck in a special version of Quick, Draw! withDog Face on Google -related items. Put your doodling skills to the test.

Quick Draw Dog

If you’re more of a data breed, you can check out the pawsome dog doodles from around the world in a special Lunar New Year version of Facets Dive, a tool that visualizes large sets of data (in this case ruff-ly 140,000 dogs that people have drawn in Quick, Draw!).

The dogs of Street View

Lunar Year of the Dog means dogs are everywhere–including on Google Street View! We’ve had a lot of fun finding furry friends all around, from this one strolling through New York’s Central Park to thisDog Face on Google hanging out in a small alley in San Sebastian, to our friend here enjoying the Coastal Walk in Sydney. Scroll through our favorites below, or find dogs on Street View in your own neighborhood.

Photos of your pup

In Google Photos, you can create a movie of the dog in your life—select “Doggie Movie” among the movie themes and Google Photos will stitch together photos of the dog. Photos also lets you search for your dog using a dog emoji.

All dogs go to the Games

We couldn’t let the moment pass without a Doodle (or two!). This cheerful pup on our homepage in many countries around the world isn’t just welcoming the New Year—it’s also celebrating the Doodle Snow Games!

Lunar New Year Ski Lift Doodle 2018

In places not tuning into the Doodle Snow Games, you might see a different Doodle—also featured at the top of this post.

No matter how you celebrate or what language you say it in, happy Lunar New Year!

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Get inspired: three weeks left to submit artwork for Doodle 4 Google

Get inspired: three weeks left to submit artwork for Doodle 4 Google

It’s been over ten years since I began doodling for Google and I’ve never been more excited about what’s coming up for our ever-changing logo.

We know that young artists inspire us, so for the 10th annualDoodle 4 Google contest, we’re asking them to answer the question “What inspires you?” (in the form of a Google logo, of course). In a super exciting first, this year’s winner will work directly with the Doodle team to transform their art into an interactive doodle for millions to see and play.

Past winners have exhibited incredible creativity and charm—the hyper-imaginative, environmentally conscious world of 2014’s U.S. winner Audrey Zhang is a personal favorite, as is Robot Tom, the star of 2017’s winning Irish entry by Erica Redmon—and I have no doubt this year’s entries will continue to inspire.

Picking a winner is always the hardest part. Luckily, we have some stellar guest judges to help, including actor Neil Patrick Harris, gold-medalist Laurie Hernandez, actor Ty Burrell of “Modern Family,” Ibtihaj Muhammad from the U.S. Fencing Team, former Houston Astros outfielder Carlos Beltrán, 2017 National Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee, and award winning journalist Elaine Welteroth.


As for prizes, five finalists will be invited to Google’s Mountain View headquarters and one winner will receive:

• A $30,000 scholarship

• A $50,000 technology package for their school/non-profit organization

• And, as mentioned, a behind-the-scenes collaboration with the Doodle team to transform their doodle
  into an interactive experience that will launch this year on our homepage and app home screen

Submissions close on March 2—only three weeks away. Every K-12 student is encouraged to enter their doodle at

Please encourage every young artist you know to participate. ❤🎨

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