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New 4K 144 Hz Monitors use Blurry Chroma Subsampling

Display makers had to find a way to get these displays running at 4K 144 Hz, so what they came up with was chroma subsampling (YCbCr), which transmits the grayscale portion of the image at full resolution (3840×2160) and the color information at half the horizontal resolution (1920×2160).

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Corsair Will Be Developing Gaming Monitors

If you can remember there was a time where Corsair only made memory. After that they diversified into solid state drives, cases, and now that make pretty much everything for your gaming desktop besides the processor, motherboard, and monitor in your gaming desktop.

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AOC’s New Monitors Designed By Porsche

AOC has partnered up with Porsche to release two new monitors with very sleek designs. They are the PDS241 and PDS217, both of which feature a 1080p AH-IPS panel at 24″ (PDS241) and 27″ (PDS217). These displays come in super-thin at only 5.2 mm and have a three-way-frameless design.

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